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Mahindra Finance began as a captive financier of Mahindra Utility Vehicles in the early 90s. From Mahindra UVs to tractors to non-Mahindra products, the company has diversified into a financial services provider with a whole suite of financial solutions tailored to the under-served customer in under-penetrated rural markets.

Our product portfolio consists of vehicle finance, which includes financing of passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, tractors, commercial vehicles, construction equipment; and pre-owned vehicles and SME finance, which includes project finance, equipment finance, working capital finance and bill discounting services to SMEs. The company also undertakes mutual fund distribution, fixed deposits and personal loans tailor-made to suit its unique customer set.

With over 33,000 employees, Mahindra Finance has a presence in every state in India and a footprint in 85% of its districts. It has a network of over network 1300 offices, serving customers in more than 3, 70,000 villages– that’s one in every two villages in the country. And has assets under management (AUM) of over Rs. 67,000 crores.

Since inception, Mahindra Finance has served as a positive change agent catering to the financial needs of millions in rural and semi-urban India. Its deep connection with the customers and their evolving needs has been the key to its growth and success. The company has thus pioneered several innovative financial solutions tailor-made to the earning patterns of the unique “Earn and Pay” segment that it serves.

01. Planning & Strategy

Our endeavour to stay deeply connected with the customer begins with our recruitment strategy. We consciously recruit employees at the local level, rather than appoint them from cities and depute them to rural branches.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Our employees speak the local language, are connected to the land, its people, and understand the local challenges. This connect also helps us anticipate market needs and business trends and enables us to respond with the right combination of products and solutions.

Meet Our Brand Values

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited (Mahindra Finance),part of the Mahindra Group, is one of india’s leading NBFCs operating in Rural & Semi-Urban india with a customer base of more than 5 million happy customers.Initially set up as a captive finance company to finance Mahindra vehicles, Mahindra Finance has come a long way by extending its finance solutions not only to other Mahindra products like tractors, two wheelers, commercial vehicles and pre-owned vehicles, but also to vehicles of other leading OEMs. It has also diversified its product portfolio and offers products like SME Finance & Mutual Funds through its subsidiaries Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd., Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd. & Mahindra Asset Management Company Ltd, respectively.